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Meet Fabio J. Santos

Presence Practitioner & Spiritual Guide

Fabio J. Santos is a presence practitioner, intuitive healer, and modern mystic, who is deeply committed to empowering others to be present to their healing journeys, nature, relationships, dreams and the world in, and around them.


Fabio began his own healing journey back in 2007 when he noticed that the way he was coping with the many aspects of his life were no longer working.  Something didn't feel quite right,  and it was clear that something would need to change.  He began contemplating whether it would be his job, his relationships, his finances, his schooling, in other words, everything outside of himself.  He thought that changing it all may ease the affliction, however, this would later prove to be a limited approach to his healing. 


Too bashful and not knowing how to reach out for support, he left that familiar world behind him and embarked on a year-long travel journey in search of healing, ease, and perspective.  Despite it being a glorious time, something still felt off and the reality of his discomfort resurfaced yet again - indeed he had left that old life behind but the source of what ailed him remained.  Thankfully it did, and the alchemy of his discomfort and glory would lead him on a profound inner journey that would radically change the course of his life and approach to himself, people and the world.  It was clear that this trip was an inner one in nature. How could he have missed that what he sought was in him all along? 

The following few years were devoted to understanding, integrating and deepening that transformation.  This marked the beginning of his shamanic apprenticeship with plant medicines, funding and building of a modest retreat in the jungles of Peru, pursuing education in Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction, interning as a psychotherapist at a rehabilitation clinic, and mentoring with influential teachers who specialized in grief, trauma, bioenergetics, gardening, and indigenous traditions.


He now draws on his life experiences, relationship to Mystery, and years of study in transpersonal psychotherapy, spiritual direction, and shamanic apprenticeship to empower others to reach their hearts deepest calling.

He currently resides in the eastern shores of Nova Scotia and works in downtown Dartmouth.  In his spare time, he's usually out in the garden listening to nature's subtle messages, hiking in forests, beachcombing, creating art, composing healing music, cooking and spending time with loved ones.

Presence Therapy

It can help with

Why Presence Therapy?
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Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety and stress can keep you from feeling comfortable with the present moment.  This is often directly related to an overly stimulated nervous system which tends to override our capacity for an ease-ful relationship with the here and now. Our nervous systems are designed to integrate life at its own momentum, not at the pace of the mind's objectives. Working with this principle allows the nervous system to heal organically and authentically, and subsequently develop a new awareness to one's limits and truths.

Depression & Grief

Depression can sometimes feel like intense discomfort in the body with no particular source. It can be as though one is carrying an unidentified weight of sorts further than one is meant to.  This weight usually consists of sadness, hopelessness, despair, apathy, and/or exhaustion. Despite it feeling extremely difficult to overcome this experience, there is a big difference between something that is excruciating and something that is impossible. The key here is to start slow and steady, as this will allow for a transformation in due time.


Working with grief as a process and not an event allows one to better integrate and transform one's losses. This methodology empowers people to take back their genuine humanity when others are not able to support us where we are on our journey.

Emotional Awareness

Emotional awareness is an incredibly empowering tool when communicating our needs to others.  As a not so old saying goes "when we know better we do better" 


Bringing awareness to our emotional compasses and working with a vocabulary list results in a deeper knowing of self, and greater empathy for others.

Holistic Health

Holistic health is an approach to healing that considers the whole person - body, mind, spirit, emotions, and human microbiota. There is no doubt that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Having said that, those very parts are essential to the whole. This is why it is vitally important to understand these as interdependent systems when working towards, harmony and balance in one's life.

Limiting Beliefs

Belief systems are incredibly powerful points of view that can either serve or sabotage one's experience.  

Identifying, exploring, and working with one's limiting beliefs is a crucial step when attaining one's goals and dreams. 


Approaching addictions as a response to trauma can help with identifying triggers, managing overwhelming feelings, and beginning to take care of yourself in more favourable ways.


“It's human to forget how to be human sometimes.  Thankfully, we don't all forget at the same time.”

— Stephen Jenkinson

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