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Presence Therapy

Presence therapy is a gentle yet thorough approach that works on bringing awareness to all aspects of oneself - physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual.  Following and practicing this simple approach prepares allows for the receptiveness of others and our life circumstances as they are, while remaining connected to your own experience.

Presence in all its splendor is accessible to all of us at any given moment.  Though not always easy to notice, the signs and invitations are often plentiful and welcoming.  Despite this, our inclinations to accept those invitations are often short lived as our focus is often somewhere in the past or future. 


To be centered in the present moment requires a deep commitment to how things are right now.  More often than not, seeing things as they are can be quite the overwhelming experience to come to all at once.  This is why working with the present moment consciously results in a less harrowing outcome later.  It takes practice to accept and integrate the entirety of it all; however, with this approach in heart, a wholesome relationship with all things rooted in the now is most certainly possible.   

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